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Applied Management Degree Can Give Your Career the Boost It Needs

bigstock-jointly-working-on-economic-re-6283909.jpgDo you already have a high school diploma but need more skills to get the promotions that can really change your life? Then consider getting an associate degree in Applied Management from Everest University Online, a division of Everest University.

Everest’s Applied Management program goes a step beyond standard business education by focusing on topics with immediate real-world applications. These topics include accounting, business law, finance, human resources and customer service. If you already have a job, you’ll likely find you can put many of the concepts you’ll learn at Everest to immediate use in your current position. And if you’re hoping to advance in your current career, this additional education can be just the thing you need to get noticed by your company’s management.

You can earn your associate degree in Applied Management without having to quit your current job. Because the program is offered online, you can take your courses in the evenings, on weekends, or whenever else you have free time. Your schedule is flexible. All you need is a computer, a high-speed Internet connection, and a desire to succeed.

Why Everest University Online?

Why choose to earn your Applied Management degree from Everest University Online? Here are five compelling reasons:

1. Our National Reputation. With nearly 100 campuses throughout the United States and Canada, the Everest family of colleges, institutes and universities is recognized throughout North America. Businesses throughout North America look to Everest as a source of skilled and capable candidates for entry-level positions.

2. Accreditation. Accreditation certifies that a school consistently meets high academic standards as defined by an independent accrediting association. The Everest University campuses in Florida are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award diplomas, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees.

The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools is listed as a nationally recognized accrediting agency by the United States Department of Education and is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) is located at 750 First Street, NE, Washington, D.C. 20002; (202) 336-6780.

3. Our Faculty. Instructors at Everest University Online are not only distinguished educators, but most are also experienced professionals in the subjects they teach. When you study applied management, you’ll learn from instructors who have experience in the business field. They have first-hand knowledge and wisdom they are eager to share with you.

4. Career Services Support. After you earn your associate degree, you can get additional career search help from Everest’s experienced Career Services professionals. They can show you ways to leverage your new education to help get the promotions you seek, or find better positions elsewhere.

5. Financial Aid Support. Our financial aid staff can help you find ways to pay for your education that make going to Everest a solid financial investment. (Financial aid is available for those who qualify.)

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