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How to Create a Powerful LinkedIn Headline

The LinkedIn Series

Competition is a way of life in today’s fast-paced business world. Armed with the right information, you can learn how to create a powerful LinkedIn headline to compete for the attention of movers and shakers.

Millions of People Connect and Network on LinkedIn

Networking, according to the United States Department of Labor, is an important tool as a strategy for career development and exploration.* In other words, getting ahead is not just a result of what you know, but who you know. LinkedIn counts more than 200 million registered members in 200 territories and countries, and happens to be the world’s largest professional network.** What better tool to use for networking and climbing the professional ladder than LinkedIn? It’s what millions of people are using to discover their next opportunity.

LinkedIn allows you to:

  • Create a powerful headline to control search results for your name and skills
  • Build a broad network of professionals who you can trust, and who trust you
  • Learn about companies that are hiring in your field
  • Use LinkedIn’s search algorithm to find and connect with others who can help advance your career
  • Discover new career opportunities and gain a competitive advance over the competition

Your LinkedIn profile informs people about you. And there’s always the possibility that a perspective employer will view your profile as part of a background check.

Create an Eye-Catching LinkedIn Headline

Your name and headline are the first thing that viewers see when looking at your profile. Your headline can highlight your business or skills. Your headline can include phrases like, “Social Media Specialist” or “Business-to-Business Marketing Expert.” Try to use eye-catching terms and phrases. You should also match your phrases — the phrases people are likely to use — to locate a specific talent or skill. Create an eye-catching LinkedIn headline, but be honest about your abilities.

Here’s an example of how your LinkedIn headline might read:

Will Powers

End-of-the-Line Web Developer/SEO at | Experienced B2B

Internet marketing expert delivering online digital marketing solutions

to help companies grow. We can deliver when no one else can.

Los Angeles area | Digital Marketing

Keep Your Career on Track

One way of making sure your career stays on track is to possess the skills needed to keep up with new technology and changing business trends. If you’re a busy professional with a need to have more control over your life while advancing your education, and online degree might be the solution.

Everest University Online, a division of Everest University, offers students an opportunity to earn an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree in a variety of popular career fields.

Contact Everest University Online today and ask about our programs and class start dates. Financial aid is for those who qualify.

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