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Homeland Security News – April 12, 2013

Department of Homeland Security SealDHS bullet buy sparks fear of martial law. Big city mayors push new gun control legislation. Boeing develops computer-killing missile. These and other stories in this week’s Homeland Security News.

DHS Bullet Buys Spark Concerns

When the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced it was buying approximately 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition over the past four or five years, the Internet lit up with conspiracy theories charging the federal government with preparing to impose martial law. The DHS says no such takeover is planned. They simply need the bullets to train the more than 70,000 agents who work for the 90 federal agencies the DHS oversees. But why so many bullets? The DHS says they get a better deal when they buy in bulk! Read more about it here:

Local Law Enforcement Facing Bullet Shortage

At the same time the DHS is bulk-buying bullets, many local law enforcement agencies are reporting trouble buying ammunition for their own officers. Not only are local police departments competing with the feds for bullets, but the recent push for stricter gun laws has caused individual gun owners to buy up as much arms and ammunition as they can. Read more about it here:

Mayor Bloomberg Leads Gun Control Campaign

One of the initiatives worrying some gun owners is the push for more comprehensive background checks on gun purchasers. For example, New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg is behind a new $12 million Mayors Against Illegal Guns TV ad campaign that hopes to sway Congress to pass such legislation. Recent polls have found a strong majority of Americans support such laws. Read more about it here:

North Korea Threatens U.S. with Nuclear Strike

Over the past several weeks, North Korea’s Pyongyang government has made several not-so-subtle threats against the United States. North Korean leader Kim Jun Un has said he’s prepared to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against America to protect his country from “American aggression.” Although North Korea now possesses nuclear weapons, American military and homeland security experts don’t believe Pyongyang has made these weapons small enough, or has developed rockets powerful enough to follow through on its threats. Read more about it here:

Boeing Creates EMP Missile for the Air Force

One known side-effect of nuclear blasts is an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). This blast of concentrated energy can wipe out electronics for miles around. Recently, Boeing and the U.S. Air Force successfully tested the world’s first EMP cruise missile. It’s designed to fly over enemy targets and selectively wipe out electronic systems without causing harm to buildings or people. And no nuclear blast is required. Read more about it here:

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