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Everest University Online Offers Career Guidance for the Undecided

Choosing a program to commit to can be a daunting task. That choice is made more difficult considering more and more programs are constantly being added. “Colleges and universities reported nearly 1,500 academic programs to the Department of Education in 2010; 355 were added to the list over the previous 10 years as colleges, to stay competitive and current, adopted new disciplines like homeland security and global studies, cyberforensics and agroecology,” reports the New York Times.(1)

Everest University Online is among those adjusting to trends and offering new programs. Some of the programs you can take online include:

  • Accounting (Associate)
  • Accounting (Bachelor’s)
  • Business (Associate)
  • Applied Management (Associate)
  • Business (Bachelor’s)
  • Applied Management (Bachelor’s)
  • Business Administration (Master’s)
  • Computer Information Science (Associate)
  • Computer Information Science (Bachelor’s)
  • Criminal Justice (Associate)
  • Criminal Justice (Bachelor’s)
  • Criminal Justice (Master’s)
  • Homeland Security (Associate)
  • Homeland Security (Bachelor’s)
  • Paralegal (Associate)
  • Criminal Investigations (Associate)
  • Paralegal (Bachelor’s)

Even though it may seem an impossible task to narrow down your interests, you are not alone. Majority of students do not know what they want to do. The New York Times shows that, “At Penn State, 80 percent of freshmen — even those who have declared a major — say they are uncertain about their major, and half will change their minds after they declare, sometimes more than once.”

Everest University Online, a division of Everest University, has admissions representatives who can guide you to your online degree program of choice. Everest admissions representatives will find out your skill set, what you enjoy doing and walk you through the various programs offered. It is important to find a path that you are passionate about because that can lead to success.

Additionally, Everest University Online offers flexibility that a traditional brick-and-mortar institution cannot provide. Having a job and a family should not keep you away from the career of your dreams. Classes are structured to fit your schedule without sacrificing the quality of instruction.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.


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