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An Online Education – Benefits Worth Considering

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–>After a hard day’s work, how many hours in the day are left to attend a traditional college? Is there a better way to utilize the time you spend commuting to and from class? Would your college program provide a greater personal benefit if you were in control of when and where you study? There are a number of benefits to online learning that are worth considering.

According to an article in Forbes (The Case for Online Education), the case is made that virtual learning has evolved into a collaborative, interactive, social and personalized experience. Through this experience, a person can better his or her position in the world. While an online education will never be the same as actually sitting in a traditional classroom, the experience is as close to real learning as it can get.*

There are a number of benefits associate with online learning, which include the following.

You Get to Arrange Your Own Study Schedule

With online learning, there’s no definite or strict time that you have to be online for your class. If you’re a working student, this can be a real benefit. You get to decide where and when you want to complete and turn in your class assignments. If you’re enrolled in a hybrid course (part online and part classroom), you may be required to visit an actual campus to complete exams. It all depends on your school and course requirements.

Online Classes Can Give You More Control Over Your Time

Driving to and from a traditional college takes time. This is time that could have been spent completing an assignment. Online courses eliminate the tedious commute, and you have more time for your studies. Depending on how your course is structured, you may even have greater access to an online instructor.

You Get Quick Feedback

With an online program, it’s possible to get fast feedback on how well you’re doing. Assignments and quizzes are usually graded quickly. In a traditional classroom, you may have to wait up to two weeks or more to get feedback on tests. Many online courses offer easy-to-use interfaces such as email and discussion boards. Video tutorials and news updates are usually available as well.

For working adults, taking time off work or going back to college full time is becoming less than a viable option. Online learning allows students to expand their education while maintaining a busy lifestyle. If you’re considering returning to college, or enrolling for the first time, consider the benefits that Everest University Online can offer.

Everest University Online Offers Practical Degrees

Everest University Online, a division of Everest University, offers practical, career-oriented online degree programs. You can take control of your study time. Your schedule belongs to you. You can earn an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree in a variety of popular career fields. And your instructors are there to help you succeed in every way possible.

If you feel it’s time to get your career moving in the right direction on your own terms, contact us today for more information about programs and class start dates.


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