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Job Search Tactics Beyond Your Resume

Your resume is critically important. However, it may not be enough to help you land the job by itself. There are a number of key elements worth examining that go beyond simply fielding a good resume. Let’s just say it all falls under the category of good career advice.

Hone Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter is the first thing that many employers will see. However, they may not like what they see if your resume is too generic or filled with unnecessary jargon. An effective cover letter should explain why you’re interested in a position or organization. It should identify your skills, experience and a high level of interest about the position you hope to land.

Develop Sharp Interviewing Skills

Mock interviews are great opportunities to develop strong interviewing skills. You may want to consider hiring the services of a professional mock interviewer. Make an appointment. They’ll gather pertinent information about your company or industry of interest. They may offer mock interviews by phone, online or video. provides information on some of the most common interview questions.* The questions are listed by job and type.

Mind Your Image and Appearance

Dressing and grooming appropriately for the job are important because the first judgment an interviewer makes may be based on your appearance. Dress professionally, regardless of the work environment. In a less formal interview, it may be appropriate to dress in business casual or startup casual.

Rotate Your Job Search Tactics

Sites like or are well known places to park a resume online. Also, getting involved in professional organizations and networking through social media venues like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook may provide an additional source for job leads.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Education?

There may come a time when you realize that it’s necessary to upgrade your education. In today’s busy world, more and more people are turning to online education as an alternative means of helping to advance their careers. Everest University Online, a division of Everest University, offers career-oriented online degree programs in a friendly online environment. Students can — at a place and time of their own choosing — earn an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree in a variety of popular career fields.

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