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Online Bachelor’s Degree Program Teaches Computer Science for Business

Business ComputingIn the 1950s, big business was one of the first customers of electronic computers, using them for financial forecasting and complex record keeping. Today, business and industry are still major customers for computers, but now their use has expanded to include everything from word processing, desktop publishing, e-mail and video communication, to computer-aided design (CAD) and 3-D printing.

With information technology (IT) and business so tightly entwined, it makes sense for a computer information science degree program to focus on both the technology and its applications in the business world — which is exactly what the Computer Information Science bachelor’s degree program offered at Everest University Online does.

Everest University Online, a division of Everest University, can provide you with the education, training and experience you need to compete for a range of entry-level IT positions in the 21st century economy. The four-year program divides its focus between subjects like programming, networking and operating systems to principles of accounting, economics and business law. General education requirements such as composition, college algebra, general psychology and statistics also carry relevance to anyone preparing himself or herself for a career in the business world.

The Advantages of Online College

Everest University Online’s Computer Information Science bachelor’s degree program is based on the same curriculum as the one used as its ground campuses. But, because this is an online program, you’re not locked in to a set Monday through Friday schedule or forced to drive across town to go to school. You set your own schedule. You can work day, evenings or weekends. Over four years, you could save hundreds of hours in commuting time and thousands of dollars in fuel costs. In other words — it’s the perfect choice if you already have a job and are looking to increase your value to your current employer, looking to change careers, or want to earn a degree while still taking care of your family at home.

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Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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