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Raise Your Job Search Power Bar

Losing confidence over your job search results?

Let’s say you’ve put in a lot of effort and logged quality time in your job search. You’ve submitted an up-to-date resume, contacted the right friends for references and networked with influential colleagues. But all you seem to hear is silence. No employer has contacted you yet. What should you do next?

If standard methods don’t seem to work, it may be time to change your approach.
Consider the following steps:

  • Remain Confident – Nothing beats confidence in one of the most competitive job markets in recent history. Remember, landing your job of choice may be challenging, not impossible.
  • Maintain a Little Humility – Don’t be overconfident that you stand head and shoulders above the competition. If you haven’t taken a formal training program in your field of expertise within the last five years, your skills may be partially obsolete.
  • Keep Your Networking Efforts on Track – While social media and the art of connecting to anyone anywhere in the world is the prevailing trend, it’s important to fan the flames of your face-to-face networking activities. Invest adequate time and effort.
  • Tailor Your Resume to the Position – Tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight the qualities and talents sought by the employer. Help them make the decision that you are the right person to hire.

It doesn’t hurt to raise the standards of your job search power bar. It may require a bit more effort and seem like it’s a heavier lift than your old methods, but it can be well worth the time you invest.
Why Your Education Is Important

There’s a lot of competition in today’s marketplace. No matter what your field, there are people who seek to gain a competitive edge by upgrading their talent through education. Education can help you remain competitive and increase your chances of getting hired or moving up the ladder of success with a promotion.

Everest University Online, a division of Everest University, offers online degree programs in a number of popular career fields. Earn your associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree today.

The great thing about taking an Everest University Online degree program is that you get to take classes when and where you want. You advance your education on your own terms.

Contact Everest University Online today and get the training and education you need to become more competitive.

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