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What Does a Victim Advocate Do?

Crime VictimA criminal justice degree gives you many career paths to consider. One career you might wish to explore is victim advocate. Never heard of a victim advocate? Then you’re lucky, because it means you probably have not been the victim of a serious crime. Over the past 30 years, the criminal justice field has been putting increasing emphasis on victims’ rights, making sure that victims, not just suspects, receive all the help and support the law allows.*

What is a victim advocate and what does a victim advocate do? Here are some of the ways victim advocates help people at the receiving end of serious crimes.

Immediately Following the Commission of a Crime

The minutes and hours immediately following an armed robbery, assault or similar violent crime can be extremely confusing and traumatic. Working with local law enforcement, a victim advocate may:

• See that the victim receives emergency medical treatment as necessary.

• Acquire food, shelter, clothing or other necessities the victim may immediately need.

• At the victim’s request, contact family members to inform them of the situation.

• At the victim’s request, contact employers if the victim will be unable to go to work.

Long-Term Assistance

After a crime victim’s immediate needs have been taken care of, the victim advocate may provide additional long-term services to help the victim recover from his or her experience, achieve justice and return his or her life to some degree of normalcy. These services can include:

• Helping the victim report the crime to the proper authorities and complete any required paperwork.

• Helping the victim file a restraining order (often in the case of domestic abuse).

• At the victim’s request, contacting creditors to arrange for delayed payments, suspension of late fees, etc.

• Coaching the victim prior to court appearances.

• Helping the victim recover property used as evidence following a trial.

In short, the victim advocate services as a confidant, friend and representative to help minimize the psychological, emotional and financial damage that often comes with being at the wrong end of serious crimes.

Earn an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Everest University Online

If being a victim advocate is a career that interests you, you can qualify for entry-level positions in this field with an associate degree in criminal justice. And you can get this associate degree without having to leave your current job or taking time away from your family by earning your degree through Everest University Online, a division of Everest University.

Everest University Online offers a Criminal Justice (associate degree) program that can be completed in as little as two years. The curriculum is the same as that offered at Everest University campuses throughout Florida. But because the program is online, you can take classes in the evenings, on weekends or whenever your schedule allows. It’s the perfect solution for people who need to keep working to provide for their households or need to stay home to attend to small children.

A four-year bachelor’s degree program is also available.

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For information on Everest University Online’s Criminal Justice (associate degree) program, contact Everest University Online today.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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