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5 Foundational Skills You May Need to Compete in Tomorrow’s World

In a competitive economy, employers often look to hire and promote employees who can bring something “extra” to the workplace, like critical thinking and the ability to solve problems. If you can invent, re-invent and re-engineer your job, chances are you’re the kind of person that can stand out from the pack.

While each industry has its own set of rules that define competence, there are five foundational skills that may be required for knowledge workers to climb the ladder of success.

These foundational skills include:

  • Sense Making – Can you embrace both the big picture and the smaller subtleties that can often define the workplace? You may be able to increase your value if you’re able to determine the deeper meaning of things that may or may not be expressed.
  • Social Intelligence – Do you have the ability to stimulate desired reactions of your peers in a beneficial way? Consider how important it is to make a connection with others in a direct and meaningful way.
  • Adaptive Thinking -You may need to develop an ability to find solutions beyond a standard way of thinking.
  • Cultural Competency -The ability to operate professionally in different cultural settings may be necessary for success.
  • Data-Based Reasoning Abilities -Develop the skills to translate large amounts of data into understandable concepts. This is a skill that will always be in demand, no matter what your industry.

Preparing for your career can be the first step toward success. Developing the foundational skills needed to make an impact can follow.

If you’re thinking about pursuing an online degree, Everest University Online, a division of Everest University, offers Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in a variety of popular career fields.

Contact us today for more information about programs and online class start dates. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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