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9 Questions You Should Ask During a Job Interview

Job InterviewIf you’re preparing to go out on your first job interview, you’re probably very nervous. You’re likely concerned about being put on the spot, not having the answers the interviewer is looking for or accidentally saying “the wrong thing” that will lead to immediate rejection.

Your anxieties are understandable. Most people, even seasoned veterans, get nervous about job interviews.

One way to deal with your nerves is to turn the interview around. Instead of preparing yourself to answer questions, prepare to ask them. Go on the offensive. Take the position that you’re looking for the company that will make the best use of your skills. This attitude will not only help put you at ease, but will likely gain you respect from employers looking for self-motivated, proactive job candidates.

Here are nine questions you should ask during a job interview:

1) What is this company’s “primary differentiator”? In other words, what makes this company different from other companies in the same field? What makes this company special?

2) What values do you prize the most? How are these values integrated into the way you do business?

3) Where do you see this company being in five years? How does the company plan to reach these goals?

4) Why is this position open? Is it a new position, or am I replacing someone else?

5) What pain/problem do you have that you think someone with my skill set can address?

6) If you decide to hire me, what would be the first two or three things you’d expect me to accomplish during my first week on the job?

7) Who would I report to? How many other people does this person manage? How open are the lines of communication?

8) How will my job performance be measured? By what benchmarks? How will I know if I am meeting or not meeting expectations?

9) What three things do you like best about working for this company?

Bonus Question: What’s the next step in the hiring process?

Some questions not to ask on your first interview include:

• How much money will I make?
• How much vacation time/sick days would I get?
• What holidays do you give?
• Will I be expected to work more than eight hours a day?

In short, avoid any questions that suggest you’re not willing and able to give 110% of your time and commitment to the organization.

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