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Homeland Security News, April 6, 2012

DHS Command CenterThe DHS releases its 2012 budget. Frequent flyers may encounter less hassle at major airports. Seven members of a Midwest militia are tried for terrorism. These and other stories of interest in this week’s Homeland Security News.

DHS Released Its 2012 Budget

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released its official budget request for 2012. The department’s expenditures for the year are estimated to be $57 billion. According to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, the department’s priorities for the year include:

  • Preventing terrorism and enhancing security
  • Securing and managing our borders
  • Enforcing and administering our immigrations laws
  • Safeguarding and securing cyberspace
  • Ensuring resilience to disasters
  • Proving essential support to national and economic security

TSA Adds 28 More Airports to ‘Low Risk’ Traveler Program

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has added 28 airports to its “low risk” traveler program. The program allows frequent travelers who have been pre-screened by the TSA to avoid the normal security lines at these facilities. Among the airports added to the program are three that were used by the September 11 hijackers: Washington Dulles International, Newark Liberty International and Boston’s Logan International. The 28 new locations will join the seven airports used in the program’s pilot phase.

Feds Try 7 in Michigan for Plot to Overthrow Government

Court proceedings are now underway in Detroit where seven members of a paramilitary group called Hutaree have been charged with plotting to stage a series of uprisings in hopes of triggering a popular revolt against the federal government. The defense claims that Hutaree is more of a “social group” than a militia, and that the Justice Department’s charges are fantasy.

Terrorism Threats Have Declined Since 9/11, Says Report

Both international and domestic threats to the U.S. have decreased markedly since the attacks of September 11, 2001, according to a just-released study by the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security. According to the authors, the greatest threats continue to come not from radical Muslims, but from domestic anti-government groups such as the militia currently being prosecuted in Detroit (see above). The authors also noted that those people being prosecuted for terrorism over the last two years have been less sophisticated, less organized and less effective than those who were charged five or more years ago.

Study Identifies U.S. Terror ‘Hot Spots’

A study of more than 3,000 U.S. counties has identified 65 “hot spots” where more than six terrorist attacks occurred between 1970 and 2008. Of all the attacks recorded, about a third were concentrated in just five urban counties: Manhattan (343), Los Angeles (156), Miami-Dade (103), San Francisco (99) and Washington, D.C. (79). The study by the University of Maryland included attacks by groups or individuals that were political, ethnic or religious is nature.

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