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This is Why You Should Stay in School

High School StudentsSure, high school can be frustrating. As a teenager, you can probably think of a dozen things to do with your day that are more fun than studying physics or discussing the causes of the Civil War. But here’s something to consider if you’re thinking about dropping out: More than half of high school dropouts 25 and older are unemployed.

Even as the economy improves, high school dropouts are still in deep, deep recession, according to The Wall Street Journal.* Since 2010, about 1.8 million college graduates have found work. But 128,000 high school dropouts lost their jobs during this same period, the Journal reports.

Why the big difference? Most experts point to the disappearance of low-skill but good-paying manufacturing jobs throughout the country. Now, jobs tend to fall into one of two categories: Low-skill service jobs that all but guarantee a life living in or near poverty, or skilled jobs that provide a good income but require, at minimum, an associate degree.

Yes, even high school diploma alone is no longer enough to qualify for most good jobs. Today, high school graduates have an average unemployment rate of 8.4 percent, twice as high as the 4.2 unemployment being experienced by college graduates.

So the lesson is this: Stay in school. Get your diploma. And, if at all possible, go on to get college-level job training or, better yet, an associate or bachelor’s degree.

You Can Earn Your Degree Online

If you succeed in getting your high school diploma but don’t see a traditional college in your future, you still have options. For example, you can earn an associate, bachelor’s or even a master’s degree via the Internet through Everest University Online, a division of Everest University.

When you study with Everest University Online, you get to set your own schedule. You can study on weekends or during evenings if you want to. This allows you to hold a regular job and work for your degree at the same time.

At Everest, you will also benefit from small classes and programs that focus on getting you the knowledge and skills you need to get work in some of America’s most popular career fields, including accounting, business, computer information science, criminal justice, homeland security and paralegal.
And when you graduate, you can get help finding a job with support from Everest’s Career Services professionals.


Even if you’re still in high school, you can start planning your future today by contacting Everest University Online. Talk to an Everest representative who can answer any questions you may have about degree programs, schedules, costs and even financial aid. (Financial aid is available for those who qualify.)

Contact Everest today!

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*Source: Wall Street Journal Online:

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