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4 Ways to Turn an Online Job Opening into a Job Offer

There are many online job sites, each with their own distinctive focus. Some deal with regional job openings and specific industries, while others deal with an industry niche or remain general purpose.

Applying for jobs on the Internet can lead to interviews and surprising job offers. The following four tips can help increase your chances of landing the job you want.

  1. Conduct comprehensive online research. A great way of learning more about a company’s brand is to research their financial information, news/periodicals and public opinion reviews. Browse links to professional associations. Here’s a great online company research source that can help get you started.
  2. Remember the fax machine. If a fax number is given, consider applying by fax in addition to making contact by email. This may prove helpful because the odds may be in your favor that most people apply for job openings by email.
  3. Network with company insiders. An insider may be able to help open a secondary line of communication and help raise your visibility.
  4. Diversify your online search. Search legitimate online job sites that seem difficult to navigate at first. An easy-to-use website may attract more competition. Your goal should be to water-down the competition. Develop a good mix of easy and difficult websites for search.

An intensive job search could be a signal it’s time to start upgrading your educational goals. Everest University Online, a division of Everest University, offers online degree programs in Business, Accounting, Computer Information Scienc, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security and Paralegal.

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