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How to Make Study Time Work for You

If you’re enrolled in an online course or presently considering applying to an online school, effective study time can be an important factor in helping you reach academic goals. While everyone has study habits that are driven by different activities, there are a few basic study rules anyone can apply for best results.

1.  Create a study plan around your habits and activities. Is your mind most alert during the morning, afternoon or evening? Do you plan ahead, or are your daily activities random and spontaneous? Do you have pressing social responsibilities with friends or family members that need to be organized better? Are you the kind of person that works best with a detailed study plan or one that’s unstructured?

2.   Choose a comfortable place to study. Comfort for one person may mean a totally different thing for another. Can you concentrate better in complete silence or do you prefer a little noise in the background? Are you comfortable with a corner in the living room or do you prefer a home office with the door closed? Does your space have adequate lighting?

3.   Stock up with the right study materials. Does your computer have enough speed and storage space? Do you prefer a desktop or a laptop model? Is it time for a software upgrade?

4.   Determine how long you will study. Can you study for long periods? Do you need an occasional break in between? Do you prefer focusing on one task or switching back and forth?

5.   Establish study rules. Is everyone in your home on board with when, where and how you prefer to study? If not, communication can be the key to getting the results you want and keeping everyone happy and supportive.

Whether you are presently enrolled or pondering the best way to achieve your educational goals, pursuing an online degree in fields like accounting, business, computer information science, criminal justice, paralegal or homeland security can be a great way to advance a present or desired career on your own terms.

Contact Everest University Online, a division of Everest University, to learn more about how you can get the most from your online education or if enrolling in an online program is the right fit for you.

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