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Can Social Media Help Me Build Career Success?

Some people seem to think so! In fact, there’s a growing buzz that social media may be mandatory for career success. Social media can give you free advertising and the ability to connect directly with managers and companies looking to hire. You have “digital assets,” which include blogs, social networking profiles and podcasts.

Social media allows you to:

  • Discover and share your personal brand with the world
  • Use the social medial networks that fit your style
  • Build your online brand and generate content on topics of choice
  • Market your online brand
  • Monitor what’s being said about you

Just think of the above possibilities as allowing you to build the ultimate social media resume. If your online brand is strong enough, an online reputation may allow you to attract hiring managers directly to you.

Social medial allows you to paint a personal online portrait of yourself. You get to include a number of social media elements, social networking feeds and some of the elements found in a traditional resume.

While no one — not even the social media gurus — can guarantee if social media can help you build career success, industry experience, level of education, personal drive and a favorable local economy may be enough to turn the tide of social media networking success in your favor.

Education can be the first step. If you’re thinking of upgrading your career possibilities through an online education, contact us today to find our more about our associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees and how higher education can brighten your future.

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