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What to Remember When Job Searching

Doing research on a company can help your prepare to be your best during an interview. The Internet is a great source for getting the inside tip, but with so much information available, it might be hard to know what to focus your attention on. Preparing for the interview and networking are two informational areas that may help you find a new or better job.

Get familiar with the following resources.

  • Access company summaries for free at You can access top of the line business information, but there’s a fee if you need in-depth information.
  • is a good site for sourcing interview questions typically asked by employers. It’s also a great place to research company profiles and interviews.
  • Press releases and business reports can be researched by searching Google and Yahoo. Just type in the company’s name and the names of any executives.
  • is a source you can use to find information on employee benefit trends in certain industries and professions.

These are just several sources, but it usually holds true that the more prepared you are, the better your chances are of interviewing well and landing the job you want. No one can guarantee another’s job-search success. However, you’ve come this far and you’re probably aware that the right training, skills and opportunities can sometimes produce the most amazing results.
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