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Ways to Reduce Your Anxiety During the Interview

If you’re ever been nervous during the interview process, you’re not alone. The best way to beat the anxiety is with practice and preparation. When you’re focusing on controlling your own emotions, it’s hard to be attentive and concentrate on what’s happening around you.

Here are five ways to help reduce interview anxiety.

  1. Become more effective at managing your expectations. This requires having a strong grip on reality. It means finding a workable balance between what you “hope” for and the possibilities of what may actually occur. Remind yourself that if you don’t receive an acceptable offer, keep searching and realize you’re building job-hunting skills.
  2. Be realistic about what you can contribute. Having a strong feel for your values and what you’ve contributed to other companies can help match your skills with the employer’s expectations.
  3. Conduct solid research. Knowing the history and values of the company conducting the interview can go a long way in helping create a favorable impression of you.
  4. Prepare a strong resume. It’s best practice to write your own resume. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your own strengths wherever there’s a struggle in composing it. If you need professional help, seek it. Just make sure you can express any information on your resume in your own words.
  5. Make a solid impression. Know your skills and possible contributions without hesitating when answering. And remember that body language is critical. Practice good posture and be aware of what any body movements may be communicating.

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