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The Real Purpose of a Resume – Get the Interview

It may sound surprising, but there’s a large chunk of the population that may still be unaware that a resume’s real purpose is to get the interview.

The fact is a resume doesn’t have to include a summary of a person’s life and career. It’s almost as if people are saying to the employer, “Hey, I’ve done a lot of things in life. I’m seriously a nice person and I think you should help me out by giving me this job.”

Sadly enough, employers aren’t in the business of helping nice people. When it comes to beefing up the staff, employers usually have one thought in mind: how to make the business more profitable.

An effective resume that can boost your chances of getting the interview should include:

  • White space that helps the reader focus
  • Readable fonts
  • Bullets that highlight your outstanding achievements
  • Quantifiable information that shows what you did and how well you did it
  • Action words and phrases that makes you sound like a person who gets the job done

Remember, the odds of you getting the interview increase in your favor if you give the impression you’re the kind of person that gets results.

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