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The New Rules of the Job Hunt

Things to Think About from the Career Development Suite

Let’s say a person loses his or her job on Friday afternoon, and soon after they’ve found a new one. Is this possible in today’s competitive job marketplace? Yes, it’s possible. There are new rules of the job hunt that you should become aware of. Things are changing, and fast.

The days of simply posting a resume online on websites like CareerBuilder or, or e-mailing present colleagues for insider information may be over. It’s all about merging the old with the new and creating a unique personal brand image.

Getting hired may be the result of networking social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, or sending message updates via Twitter. The truth is you can never tell where your next employment opportunity may come from. The best way to land a job might still be by word of mouth and having someone on the inside of a company put in a good word for you. Social media can open up these avenues.

On the other hand, never abandon the tried and proven methods of targeting companies of interest, optimizing your resume and submitting it with an effective cover letter that can get results. And make good use of your school’s career services department where dedicated staff members have access to employers looking for candidates with your dedication, education and skills.

Never forget, finding a job—is a job.

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