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Pick Your Study Time and Claim Your Study Space

If you plan to study well, finding and claiming your study space is critical for success. This doesn’t mean you have to find a study space where there’s absolutely no noise.

However, the best spot to find and claim might be somewhere that fits your personality and complements how you learn best.

Everyone has a different personality. Some students learn best in a quiet place that’s free from interruptions. Others prefer to study with music in the background or take an occasional break to avoid burnout.

Take a personal inventory.

  1. Are you easily distracted when someone walks in a room? Do you need to take breaks or can you work through study sessions without having to get up?
  2. Do you study best in a library, or do you prefer the comfort and privacy of your home? A bedroom can be relaxing, but if you’re sharing bedroom space, uninterrupted study time may become a challenge.
  3. Are you able to establish rules and avoid unnecessary conversations that cut into your study time. Can you approach your projects at the same time each day and stick to a schedule?

Taking classes online can be a challenge, especially if it’s your first time. Everest University Online, a division of Everest University, understands the challenges that some students may face. We also know the benefits that others realize in being able to call the shots and plan their courses and study time around their own lifestyle and schedules.

Interested in learning more about how an online education may be able to take your career possibilities to a whole new level?

Contact us today.

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