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Get Creative and Find a Job on Twitter

By now everyone is aware that social media can be a networking tool used to make key contacts in virtually any industry. Of course, one has to be careful using Twitter because a single cheesy tweet can take you from being a potential hire to the world’s most celebrated laughingstock.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you’re hoping to leave a sales position in Los Angeles to find a marketing job in New York. You tweet about your decision and include a link to a professional blog or website (assuming you have one) describing in detail the kind of job you’re looking for. With a little luck and depending on your “Twitter” popularity, your tweet might get “retweeted.”

In short, Twitter allows you to access people you might not have otherwise encountered. Keep in mind though there is no guarantee of finding a job on Twitter, but like LinkedIn and Facebook, it allows tweeters to get in front of people who may know who’s hiring. Lots of people may use Twitter to ramble on about mindless events like, “Having a roasted hotdog at the beach with friends at the stroke of midnight.” However, smart Twitter users search out people of interest and may even build informal relationships as a result.

Social media has every indication it’ll be around for a long time. Stay connected and in the “know.” You can never tell where the lead for your next job will come from.

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