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How to Stay Motivated While Learning Online

Online StudentStaying motivated is an issue for many college students, and especially for students learning online. Without a clear separation of home and learning environments, it’s easy to get distracted by household obligations and our many home entertainment options. College-level work may also be more challenging than many students are used to. Without other classmates present to provide support, many students can become frustrated and lose interest.

So how do you stay motivated when learning online?

Here are some simple tips to help you be a successful online student:

Break Assignments into Easy-to-Manage Components. There’s an old saying that goes, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” School assignments may seem overwhelming when viewed as a whole. But breaking them up into smaller, easy-to-handle bits can make them easier to handle. For example, imagine you’ve just been given a 200-page book to read — in one week. Scary? Now how about having to read just 28 pages a day? That you can handle, right? It’s just that easy.

Start Early. Nothing will cause your brain to seize up faster than the panic that happens when time is running out. This panic state inevitably happens when you wait until the last minute to start a class assignment. Instead of procrastinating, start planning your work the same day it’s assigned. Devise a schedule that gives you plenty of time to do the work — and do it right — without having to pull an all-nighter. Getting ahead of the game is a great feeling.

Make Friends. Making friends in a virtual environment usually takes a little more work than doing it in person, but it’s do-able and it can yield great rewards. Get to know your classmates. Seek help when you need it and give it freely when it’s asked of you. A good social support network is one of the best ways to stay focused and motivated.

Remember Why You’re in School. Even in your darkest hour, remembering why you’re going to school in the first place can lift your spirits and give you the energy to move on. Is it to get the training or degree you need to live a better life? To help your family? To become a more well-rounded person? There are plenty of reasons to go to college — and they’re all good ones.

Everest University Is Available Online

Are you someone who could benefit from a degree but just don’t have the time or opportunity to go to a traditional school? Online degree programs are available now from Everest University Online, a division of Everest University. Degree programs include:

  • Accounting
  • Applied Management
  • Business
  • Computer Information Science
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Criminal Justice
  • Homeland Security
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Paralegal

For more information on programs, schedules, accreditation and costs, contact Everest University Online today!
Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program and other important information, please visit our website at

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