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Computer Tech News – July 12, 2011

More Americans using smartphones as their primary link to the Internet. New HD iPad expected this fall. Psychotherapy by Skype. These and other stories from the rapidly changing world of computers and technology in this week’s Computer Tech News.

More Americans Using Smartphones to Access the Internet

SmartphonesMore than a third of American adults now own smartphones, and of those, more than a quarter use their smartphone as their primary access to the Internet, reports the Pew Internet Project in a new survey. Also of interest in the survey results: Nearly half of all Americans who are employed full-time now have smartphones, while just over a quarter of part-time or unemployed people own such devices. According to Pew, 15 percent of all cell phone owners (smartphones and traditional mobile devices) own an Android device and 10 percent own an Apple or RIM phone, while Microsoft and Palm can claim just a 2-percent market share each.

Apple App Store Sales Surge

App StoreApplication downloads for Apple’s iOS-based devices are up 61 percent over this time last year, according to an analysis by CNN Money. Owners of Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPads will download an average 83 applications in 2011, compared to just 61 in 2010, the study reveals. In addition, consumers are now willing to pay $1.44 per application, compared to $1.24 last year. Apple reports that, as of last week, it had uploaded more than 15 billion applications to its iOS customers. This compares to just 4.5 billion total downloads for its Android-based competitors.

HD iPad Expected in September

iPad HDAnd speaking of Apple, well-placed sources report that the company will release an HD iPad as early as September. Featuring a screen with twice the resolution of its current model, the iPad HD is designed to cater to customers who want it for such high-end applications as photo and video editing. What will it cost? No one has yet ventured a guesstimate.

Is There an e-Shrink in Your Future?

Psychotherapy via teleconferencing is an idea that’s been around longer than the Internet itself, but only now in the second decade of the 21st century is the idea starting to take hold. Several companies are now actively marketing remote psychotherapy services to hospitals, clinics, businesses and even individual patients. The upside: e-therapy is often less expensive, more convenient and less stressful to many patients than traditional therapy sessions. They’re particularly attractive to the handicapped and agoraphobics, those who fear leaving home. The downside: Therapists can often miss essential visual clues such as body language that web-cameras miss, and many patients directly benefit from live person-to-person contact. But don’t be surprised if these “e-shrinks” become increasingly popular in the years ahead.

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