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Adaptive Learning Can Be Developed Through Taking Courses Online

Online learning and schooling may have been an interesting “experiment” several decades ago, but it is now a critical educational component for students looking to prepare for the working world through higher education.

The Sloan Consortium, a respected source for learning about online education trends, estimates at least 30 percent of college students today are enrolled in at least one online class. There are a number of universities and colleges that require students to enroll in an online class.

The Self-Motivated Student

Self-motivated students are able to benefit from an online curriculum that can help prepare them for an increasingly digital world. Students are able to develop a sense of ownership through the virtual learning process, which consists of independent study and collaboration. To succeed, students must develop a sense of self-motivation, time management skills and the ability to prioritize tasks.

The Power of Adaptive Learning

Face-to-face interaction is limited in an online learning environment, which makes personalized instruction a critical component to a student’s success. Students are capable of progressing at their own rate through virtual tutors that can help students self-correct in areas where they may need improvement. Adaptive learning enables students to see the progress of others as compared to theirs in a real-time, interactive environment where instant gratification is continually sought.

Choice Can Empower

Online learning gives students a choice in determining how they learn. Through assignments augmented by each student’s learning style, mastery of course material can have the effect of empowering a student. However, e-leaning may never be a “one size fits all” solution. In order for it to be successful, students and instructors must form relationships that play on the strengths of each.

Everest University Online, a division of Everest University, offers a number of degree programs that are helping students shape their future employment possibilities through education.

Contact us today and find our more about how an online education can help you lay the groundwork for empowering your future.

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