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Changing Careers? Tips for a Smooth Transition

Changing careers is a normal fact of life for many people, whether done by necessity or purely by choice. It can be an unsettling process. The following tips can help you eliminate the road bumps for a smooth transition.

Handle Change Gracefully

Keep in mind that the average career is comprised of several evolutionary stages. Career changes can be exciting or nerve-racking. It all depends on how you choose to approach it. An opportunity for change could be a stepping-stone that moves you in the direction of realizing your goals. And change doesn’t have to be perfect as long as it adds a measure of value to you long-terms plans.

Gain Credible Experience

If a position or career you’re interested in doesn’t manifest immediately, consider volunteering or even getting a part-time job if it will give you the experience and training you need. This may help you gain new real-life insights into your desired career path. It can also add more fuel to the fire in your resume.

Get Smart in Rebuilding Your Resume

It’s a good idea to take editorial control of your resume. You don’t necessarily have to list every position you’ve ever held. A simple edit of changing your “Work Experience” section so that it reads, “Related Work Experience” will allow you to list only the jobs and experiences that relate to the position being applied for.

Submit a Cover Letter That Shines

A cover letter can be a useful too in selling your soft skills. A resume can provide the “hard qualifications” employers look for, but a cover letter might be the game-changer if it communicates you have the right qualifications along with the ability to solve problems. Your resume qualifications might land you the job interview, but it may be your soft skills that can help you land the job.

Use a Sledgehammer to Nail the Interview

Suggesting that an employer allow you to demonstrate your qualifications through a trial task may seem like a waste of time, but if it works it makes you stand out as an employee who’s willing to go the extra mile and deliver.

No matter if you’re already a seasoned professional or someone looking to enter the workforce, utilizing the above tips may place your resume at the top of the pile and help you make a solid impression when it comes time to interview.

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