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Defend Your Online Degree with Vigor

In the grand scheme of things, the benefits of an online education are still relatively new. And like anything that is considered somewhat “non-traditional,” online programs and degrees may still receive a little skepticism from those who may be less informed. Thus, there may come a time when you may have to explain the reasons you chose to enroll in an educational program that was not delivered in a “traditional” brick-and-mortar fashion.

The following are reasons you can share for choosing to pursue an online degree.

Your School of Choice Is Accredited

Online schools with solid accreditation status must adhere to the same guidelines and standards as traditional (brick and mortar) schools. Accredited schools are highly distinguished and there are employers who value this difference.

You Chose a Learning Style That Gave You More Control Over Your Time

If you’re a working parent, attending college can be a challenge. Taking classes in a virtual classroom can give you more control over when and how you study, allowing more time for work, personal and domestic matters.

You’ve Developed Excellent Communication and People Skills
Online courses are taught in a social-interactive context. As a result, students quite often develop excellent people and communication skills that companies can assess and measure in prospective employees during the interviewing process.

You’ve Acquired Leadership Skills

A group component is usually included in the online coursework or syllabus. Thus, students are able to learn from both the instructor and other students. Leadership skills can often be gained by engaging in effective team leadership.

You’ve Developed the Ability to Stay Motivated

Getting where you want to go in life has a lot to do with taking the initiative and finding a way to stay motivated from start to finish. There are some people, including interviewers, who may assume your online degree was easier to obtain than a degree earned at a “traditional” school. This could be your time to shine by explaining the inner discipline and self-motivation needed to complete an online degree.

The truth is any bias toward your degree can be countered by telling the truth about your accomplishments. No doubt, earning an online degree is a test of anyone’s ability to succeed in a new learning environment.

Everest University Online, a division of Everest University, offers many of today’s most popular degrees that can be a stepping stone in helping you reach your education goals.

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