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Comparing Distance Learning and Traditional College Learning

As the popularity of online learning continues to rise, the debate about the effectiveness of virtual learning in comparison to traditional colleges remains heated.

As people return to college via online learning programs, more employers are accepting virtual courses as a legitimate means of getting an education. However, there are still those who feel the education received in a traditional college environment is superior to that of a virtual environment.

While there are numerous pros and cons for each learning system, it is up to an individual to discover what works best for his or her lifestyle. For many, distance learning is the perfect fit. For others, traditional college programs offering a more structured environment may work best. The following is a brief comparison of online and traditional college learning.

Benefits of Online Learning

  • Students can easily arrange personal study time around work schedules
  • Expenses of traveling to class are eliminated
  • Students save money as most online programs do not require traditional textbooks

Benefits of Traditional College Learning

  • Structured classes are beneficial to completing assignments on time
  • Responsibilities for food, clothing and housing needs can accelerate one’s personal level of maturity if living in campus housing
  • Greater opportunities to network in real time

An education can be a valuable asset to getting ahead in life. If taking classes online is your chosen path, Everest University Online, a division of Everest University, is committed to making sure students get the support needed to ensure their success.

Contact us today and find out how Everest University Online might be the perfect means of helping you accelerate a career.


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