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Love a Mystery? Here are 6 Detective Careers to Consider.

DetectiveThere’s more than one way to fight crime. If you think you would enjoy a career solving mysteries, catching bad guys and helping to preserve law and order, you actually have several avenues to pursue. Detectives work in both the public and private sectors as well as across a wide range of industries. All are committed to identifying wrongdoers and bringing them to justice.

If you are considering getting a degree in criminal justice, here are six types of detective careers you may wish to pursue with your education:

1. Public Safety. A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice can be your first step towards an entry-level career with a local police or sheriff’s department before working as a detective. Note that becoming a public safety officer usually requires additional training (e.g. police academy) as well as a record free of felony arrests or other serious “black marks” such as a history of drug abuse.

2. Private Security. Today, there are a variety of private firms that provide everything from armored car services to corporate security. Combining a criminal justice degree with military service or computer programming/security experience could make you a valuable candidate to such organizations.

3. Gaming/Casino Security. With the number of gaming establishments continuing to grow nationwide, there’s an increasing demand for people who specialize in protecting casinos from everything from card counters to armed robbers.

4. Retail Security. Shopping centers, department stores and other major retail establishments all have a need for professionals to design and manage security programs to protect against everything from shoplifting to physical altercations.

5. Private Investigation. Although modern day P.I.’s usually don’t have the wardrobe, lingo or swagger of a Sam Spade or Mike Hammer, there remains a need for detectives-for-hire to do everything from background checks to missing persons investigations and acquiring evidence for divorce litigation.

6. Insurance Fraud Investigation. Most insurance companies have whole divisions devoted to nothing but ferreting out false and bogus claims. A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice may qualify you for an entry-level position in such a department.

Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at Everest University Online

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a professional detective in either the public or private sector, consider earning your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at Everest University Online, a division of Everest University. This four-year program is designed for working professionals who want to earn their degree at home on their own schedule and at their own pace.

Courses in the Criminal Justice bachelor’s degree program include:

  • Criminal Investigations
  • Criminal Evidence
  • Introductions to Interviews and Interrogation
  • Criminal Justice Communications
  • Gang Activity and Drug Operations
  • Computer Crime
  • Concepts of Criminal Law
  • Women, Crime and Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice Ethics and Liability

For more information on this program or other career-focused degree programs, including associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, contact Everest University Online today!

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