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Learn How to Take Notes the Strategic Way

By the time of graduation, you may have accumulated a huge stack of notes. Will they be useful learning tools or a literal economy of unreadable babble? Whether it’s a lecture, reading assignment, or a video download, taking good notes can affect your grade.

Every person has a unique style of taking notes, which include laptops, scribbling every word, and notebooks of a particular size or color. Whatever the method, the following ideas can help enhance your notes’ usability.

• Take a lot of notes

• Develop a method for archiving your notes

• Study and learn from your notes

• Don’t feel that jotting every word is necessary

• Review your notes immediately

If written clearly, your notes will allow you to capture and understand the information whether it’s the same day or years later when you decide to review them again. Taking clear and concise notes ensures that you have a good understanding of the subject matter under discussion, and that you’ll be able to review far into the future.

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