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Vital Tips for Surviving Your Online Learning Class

Online learning is becoming popular, and more educational institutions are making virtual classes part of the curriculum. There are definite advantages of attending an online class, including the freedom to study at one’s own discretion, review classroom lectures online and cut down on the travel time it takes to get to and from a traditional classroom.

Online learning can also be a challenge because it takes a different type of discipline to start and complete a virtual program. Many people enjoy the interaction that a traditional classroom provides such as having a bite to eat before class or personal interaction with the instructor and other students.

Have a Contingency Plan for Emergencies

Online learning has its pros and cons and there are things that can go wrong, such as your computer blinking out or the loss of Internet access. If any of these things happen, you’ll have to come up with a contingency plan, like using the public library’s computers or borrowing time on a friend’s computer. There are also a number of popular cafés with free Internet access.

Complete Class Assignments and Participate Regularly

Get in the habit of checking all e-mail correspondence on a regular basis. You can never tell when an assignment will be added or an instructor has special instructions for starting or completing a project. It’s best to respond to messages within a 24-hour period.

Stay Motivated

The best preparation you can make to survive the online learning experience is to stay motivated. Read, meditate, attend lectures, mingle with positive people, and do whatever it takes to keep your energy levels up and your aspiration levels high.

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