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Facing the Challenges of an Online Education

While online degree programs are creating incredible opportunities for people to return to school, for some, there are challenges worth noting.

A Feeling of Isolation

While many virtual students can adapt rather quickly to the challenges of pursuing an online education, some students experience the feeling of being isolated and alone in their request. For others, the online experience has given them the opportunity to meet a whole new array of friends.

Communication That Seems Impersonal

For some students, making the adjustment to an online education environment is a challenge because they are used talking with instructors face to face. Though discussion groups are abundant and e-mail is a viable option for communication for many students, some miss the in-person connection.

Studying Can Still Be Taxing and Energy Draining

Virtual classrooms may have eliminated the need to drive to and from school, but the need to buckle down and devote time and energy to studying is still alive and well. In fact, a distance learning environment may require even more study time. Because of the lack of time a student has to actually spend in a classroom, distance learning courses may require a more work-intensive effort than their on-campus counterpart courses.

Technology Challenges

A majority of online students find no problem whatsoever in being able to navigate through the technology requirements, with the exception of students who may still have dial up connections, in which case video or audio streaming cannot be accessed. Frustration usually follows for these students who may not be able to access their lessons.

If you feel you’re the kind of student who’s a self-starter and who’s comfortable with the technology needed to pursue an online education, contact Everest University Online,  a division of Everest University, for more information on how higher education can help get your career moving in the right direction.

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