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6 Ways to Create the Perfect Workspace for Online Learning

Home Study SpaceIf you are taking college degree or career training courses online, it’s important to create a dedicated workspace in which to study. Learning from home can be a challenge — especially with family, household and personal obligations always demanding your attention — but having a specific “study space” can make the experience more effective and rewarding.

Here are six ways to create the “perfect” workspace for online learning:

1. Find an area that provides sufficient privacy. Even if your home does not have space for a dedicated office or study room, you need to find an area where you can be free of distractions. If you’re taking your online classes at night, you will probably want to set up space in a bedroom where you can close the door. If your other family members are gone during the day  or you live alone  you may be able to claim space in the living room or at the kitchen table. Just make sure to stay away from the TV!

2. Make sure your Web connection is solid. Because you’re taking online classes, it only makes sense that your chosen location should have a strong Internet coverage. If you’re linked via an Ethernet cable, there’s no problem. But if your computer is wireless, signal strength could vary depending on how far you are from your router. Check the signal strength — or move the wireless router — before you commit to a specific location.

3. Know and serve your personal workspace preferences. Everyone has likes and dislikes when it comes to work areas. Some people need to be near windows to avoid feeling “trapped,” while others like closed areas to help them focus. Some people prefer to work in silence, while others perform best when there’s music playing. Know your preferences and set your study area up to meet those needs.

4. Give yourself enough surface area. Even though you are taking classes online, you will still be reading books, and therefore, must have space to keep them within easy reach. Also make sure you have space handy for writing notes. Using your keyboard as “surface area” can be, well, awkward.

5. Let there be light! Look for a space with lots of soft light, or install proper lighting if necessary to avoid glare and harsh shadows. (Especially avoid glare on your computer screen.) Even though your computer screen is itself a light source, ambient (background) light should be strong as well to help prevent eyestrain.

6. Learn and improve. As you dive into your online education experience, you’ll discover that certain things work better than others. Be aware of what works and what doesn’t, and feel free to experiment until you have a workspace that meets your academic and personal needs.

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