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4 Trends that Will Most Likely Impact Distance Education

bigstockphoto_online_education_5680428.jpgDistance education is here to stay, and the elements that define emerging education trends include student enrollment and personal needs, educational faculty members and their ability to deliver in an online environment, academics, new technology and the economy at any given moment.

Be on the Lookout For:

1. Increased Student Demand for Tailored Courses

More and more students have schedules, circumstances, and the access to technology that will allow them to shop for online courses and online learning programs that best accommodate their needs and schedules. Tailored distance education courses may best suit this emerging demographic need.

2. A Changing Demographic Education Profile

It’s no great mystery in surmising that online students are “generally” older with more college credit hours to their credit. Time, maturity, self-discipline and an individual sense of purpose and self are factors that will can likely contribute to an increase in online education offerings.

3. An Increase in Adult, Female and Minority Students

As continuing education programs experience growth, factors such as economic necessity, a job market influenced by a changing economy, and the normal and predictable aging of student populations may help augment an increase in overall adult, female and minority student enrollments.

4. A Continued Exponential Growth of Knowledge and Information

There will be very few arguments that there is proliferation of new information. While information was deemed to double every ten years in the past, information is now believed to double every four years. The growth of distance education can thus be viewed as a natural and predictable trend.

This could be the perfect time for boosting your education and career possibilities by taking classes online. You get to choose how, where and when you study.

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