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How to Avoid Isolation in Online Learning

bigstockphoto_i_m_online__1658365.jpgAs technology improves, and more and more people enter the online learning environment, the challenges of maintaining connectivity with teachers and fellow students may increase as well.

For many, the biggest benefit of enrolling in an online class is the flexibility of choosing programs of interest and when or where to study. E-learning also offers the possibility of personalizing a program to suit personal leaning needs and goals. After the initial monetary output, getting an online education is said to be less expensive for many.

There is, however, another side of the coin indicates that some e-learners can end up feeling isolated from their school and fellow students if the communication process somehow breaks down. It can sometimes prove difficult to work towards a degree without the support of an academic community and the network interactions they can often provide.

The following are tips that can help you avoid the feeling of isolation:

·    Take on online course that involves group learning. Get contact information from others who are willing to communicate outside the virtual classroom when necessary.

·    Take advantage of the natural diversity that occurs in an online classroom environment. People from different places in the world may have drastically varying views on a subject. Thus, you may be able to broaden your knowledge and benefit from the differences of opinion.

·    Make it a point to connect with your online instructor. He or she will be trained in the techniques to help you succeed in your course.

·    Get out and enjoy life. Life should be as well balanced as possible. A short walk or an evening of fun activities with family members or friends can work miracles and keep you refreshed and motivated for the next online class session.

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