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Are We Winning the Struggle for Self-Directed Learning?

bigstockphoto_online_learning_4026116-1.jpgInformation, and communication technologies especially, have a powerful effect on the education and training criteria of today’s world. The self-directed student of the future will need to be actively engaged through the following areas, connectivity, student and instructor competence, educational content, affordable and safe access to courses, and collaboration between industry and curriculum designers.

Today’s world is fast-paced. The usual means of delivering an education through traditional classroom lectures has been upgraded for those individuals looking to tailor their education to fit their own personal goals, time schedules and learning skills.

Challenges Up Ahead

The challenges of online curriculum design are ongoing for educators, but the field in which to plant the seeds of educational accessibility is fertile in the minds of people looking to upgrade their education and present/future career possibilities.

Much of the struggle to win the battle for self-directed learning will be waged within. This means a strong assessment of personal goals, motivational criteria, and a person’s own ability to take the initiative and take personal responsibility can be the initial keys to success.

For the individual, self-directed learning may involve creating and initiating challenging activities and working to develop the qualities that will aid in pursuing goals effectively.

Everest University Online, a division of Everest University, is all about providing the online learning experience that can help an individual leverage his or her future career options through higher education.

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