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Is an Online Education the Right Match for Your Career Goals?

bigstockphoto_golden_grad_online_education_g_1616700.jpgPursuing an online education isn’t for everyone. In a nutshell, online education requires self-discipline, organizational skills and a strong familiarity with modern technology.

Students must learn how to be in a comfort zone when sharing information online with others. Students must also believe that an education can be realized without ever having to physically attend a traditional classroom.

Honesty with oneself is the key in determining if an online education is the route to take in pursuit of higher education. Ask yourself the following questions.

What do I Really Want From an Online Education?

If you’re the kind of person that flourishes in the company of others, online courses may not be the best choice. If, on the other hand, you’re a quiet and reserved person who prefers not to run with the crowd, an online education might be your ticket to future success.

Am I Truly Motivated in Completing Tasks?

An online education requires a great deal of self-discipline. For some people, the freedom of choosing when and how to study doesn’t always equate with getting the job done. Online professors or classmates may not remind you to stay on task or turn in assignments when due.

Am I Good at Writing My Thoughts Down?

If you’re out of practice in writing down your thoughts with clarity, an online course may prove difficult. Understanding the written word through reading, writing and asking questions, is a requirement for success in online courses. You’ll need to develop a degree of comfort in being able to share your ideas in writing.

How Many Hours Can I Devote to an Online Education?

You’ll need to complete research, write and complete your assignments online. Time management skills and planning will be essential to your success in an environment where no one is looking over your shoulder.

Will I Have Access to a Computer and High-Speed Internet?

In today’s fast-paced online learning environment, it will be virtually impossible to start and complete an online class without the proper hardware and software.

Everest University Online, a division of Everest University, can be the perfect starting point for acquiring the online education that can help accelerate your career.

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