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Increase the Odds of Employers Finding Your Resume

bigstockphoto_online_1341900.jpgIf you’re interested in finding a job, employers need to find you when they’re looking for qualified candidates.

Employers, generally as a rule and most certainly in today’s market, may be inundated with resumes when posting an available job position.

Employers are constantly searching for active job candidates. And it really doesn’t matter if a person has expressed interest in their company or not. The Internet is mined as if everyone is a hot candidate.

Companies are using smart technology, such as Airs Sourcepoint and Classic Resume Search, which allows an employer to set search parameters and geo-target by location, skills, prior employer and job title.

NotchUp is another unique way employers are finding candidates. In this scenario, a candidate of interest is found by the employer and paid for his or her time spent interviewing with the company. This saves the company money and time by not paying a recruiter or posting on a job site. A screening process weeds out weaker candidates or those looking to simply get paid by interviewing.

There is an array of companies using the NotchUp service, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups and smaller businesses. Candidates who are abreast of the new marketing trends have a leg-up on the competition. It also looks good when a candidate is using the same technology as the firm looking to make a new hire.

Here are a few tips that can help when actively engaged in the job search process:

  • Fill Out Your Profile Completely
  • Stay Open to New and Unique Job Opportunities
  • Protect Yourself by Utilizing Site Privacy Settings

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