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Top 5 – eLearning Trends for 2010 and Beyond

E-learning (electronic learning) tools are being implemented more and more by governments, businesses and schools around the world. Online courses and numerous forms of distance learning are becoming mainstream as the need for an educated workforce shows no signs of slowing down.

By keeping an eye on e-learning trends and staying on top of your own education strategy, you’ll be able to make well-informed decisions about how you leverage e-learning in your own life.

Be on the lookout for the following trends:

1. Governments, companies and learning institutions no longer have to reinvent the wheel. It’s easy to purchase or lease turnkey e-learning systems.

2. Companies can now integrate e-learning systems into their infrastructure, which includes staff communications and payroll systems.

3. Employers will rely more and more on e-learning incentives to keep pace with job descriptions and evolving employee tasks.

4. The cost of delivering high quality content will be cut significantly as classroom content is repurposed for distance learners around the world.

5. Professional playing fields around the world will be leveled as high-level education can be delivered to every demographic niche imaginable.

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