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Online Education – Accreditation and the Everest Experience

istock_000009260696xsmall.jpgIf you’re like the thousands of people searching for an online education institute that can deliver a higher level of educational standards, the term “accreditation” may take on a whole new meaning for you.

Accreditation assesses the objectives and goals of a learning institution, faculty and staff qualifications, and the requirements of student admissions.

A reputable accrediting agency will also be recognized by the US Department of Education. Take the time to personally check their website to verify that a school of interest is reputable.

There are many education degree programs, such as MBA programs, that place sound emphasis on the school’s accreditation status. Employers who court qualified candidates at the MBA and other levels are keen on knowing the student was held to a rigorous standard during the completion of their course work.

Everest University Online, a Division of Everest University has a number of solid reasons for students to discover their online learning experience with us.

We think the following education amenities matter a great deal:

Our noteworthy accreditation status
• The reputation of our distinguished faculty
• Our career-focused curriculum
• Career Placement Services for graduates
• Flexible Schedules

Everest accreditation means that both the programs and instruction meet recognized standards; the institution employs a professional staff with the proper facilities and equipment, and is an anchored and established fixture in the education community.

Contact us today to find our more about our education programs and the Everest University – Online experience.

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