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There are Many Uses for a Bachelor’s Degree in Homeland Security

Private Security OfficerThe term “Homeland Security” conjures up images of Jack Bauer-like counter-terrorism agents tracking down foreign evildoers before they can unleash weapons of mass destruction. But there are many other places Homeland Security experts work besides top-level government agencies. In fact, security—both public and private—is one of America’s fastest growing industries. This has created a strong demand for people with Homeland Security degrees.

Today, someone with a Bachelor’s Degree in Homeland Security can compete for entry-level security positions in such venues as airports, casinos, ground transportation hubs (train and bus stations), theme parks and shopping centers as well as major apartment or office complexes. Security experts are also in demand in many departments within local, state and federal governments. Law enforcement careers can often be pursued with additional training.

Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree in Homeland Security Online

You can earn your Bachelor’s Degree in Homeland Security online through Everest University Online, one of America’s largest sources for online education. The four-year online education program provides the background and skills needed to begin a career in government or corporate security. Because the online education is done via computer, you can tailor your schedule to meet your own personal, family and/or professional obligations.

The Homeland Security online education program covers such topics as:

  • Civil and criminal justice
  • Emergency planning and security measures
  • Security principles, planning and procedures
  • Tactical communications
  • Domestic and international terrorism
  • Emergency medical services and fire operations
  • Business and ethics for security specialists

Contact Everest Online Today!

To learn about more how you can earn your Bachelor’s Degree in Homeland Security from the comfort and convenience of your own home, contact Everest University Onlinetoday! An Everest University Online representative will be happy to answer all your questions about admission requirements, class schedules, job placement services and costs. Financing is available for those who qualify.

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