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How to Remember Names in a Job Interview

Job InterviewWhen going on a job interview, it’s important to make a good, strong first impression. And one of the best ways to make that good first impression is to refer to the people you meet by name—both during and after your meeting.

While some people have a talent for remembering names, many others do not. Remembering names can become even more difficult if you meet several people during your interview process.

If remembering names is a problem for you, here are some tricks that may help:• As soon as you’re introduced to someone, repeat his/her name back. For example, “Hi, I’m John Jones.” “Glad to meet you, John.” And then continue to use that person’s name in conversation.

  • Ask the person to spell his/her name for you, even if it’s a common name.
  • If it’s an unusual name, ask about its origins.
  • Ask for a business card. In a professional setting, this is not only appropriate, it’s encouraged.
  • Write the name down. Three times. No job candidate was ever penalized for taking notes during a meeting.
  • Try to associate the name with a bizarre mental image. (Weird images are easier to remember than ordinary ones.) For example, if you meet a woman named “Beverly,” imagine her sitting atop a “Beverly Hills” welcome sign.
  • Always repeat the person’s name as you leave, e.g. “It was nice to meet you, John. I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

Remembering and using a person’s name is not only polite, it’s a great way to show that you’re a professional who pays attention

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