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Check College’s Accreditation Before Signing Up to Learn Online

College DiplomaBefore signing up with an online college or university, it’s important to check the school’s accreditation. Whether or not an online college is accredited—and by whom—will tell you if your degree will be commonly recognized.

The Meaning of Accreditation

In education, accreditation means that a school meets the quality standards established by a major, impartial, industry-recognized oversight organization. In other words, it means that a school is “legitimate” in the eyes of educators as a whole.

Generally, an accredited online school has demonstrated it:

  • Has programs that meet or exceed generally accepted academic standards
  • Employs a professional staff
  • Has the facilities and equipment necessary to meet its students’ needs

In addition, an online school may also have to be licensed by the state in which it operates, even if it accepts students from outside that state.

Online Education is Increasingly Popular

Over the past 15 years, online education has exploded. Today, there are more than 80 accredited online colleges and universities offering more than 1,000 different courses. In addition, most major private, state and community colleges offer courses online.

But not all online colleges are accredited, or have the same quality of accreditation. Any quality online college should post its accreditation clearly and explain its meaning.

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