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Get a Criminal Justice Degree Online

istock_000004459707xsmall.jpgIf you like the idea of helping to enforce the law, you can get your Criminal Justice (Associate) Degree online today through Everest University-Online, a division of Everest University. *

It’s an unfortunate thing, but as long as there are people on the planet there will always be those who think they can circumvent the law.

Keeping the watch is where people like you with the right training and skills can enter the picture.  Everest’s comprehensive online Criminal Justice Degree program can help you gain the industry skills needed to be an asset in helping to maintain law and order and protect life and property.

Your tasks will also include a healthy dose of planning and research on a frequent basis. Careers options may include corrections, probation,  law enforcement, immigration and security administration.

The following online classroom curriculum will keep you busy:

•    Criminology
•    Criminal evidence
•    Criminal procedure and the Constitution
•    Introduction to corrections
•    Policing
•    Interviews and Interrogations
•    Terrorism
•    And more!

You’ll learn your craft from seasoned instructors who bring real-world experience to the virtual classroom each and every day.  You’ll drill down on what the criminal justice system is all about and gain a solid overview of how correctional organizations and law enforcement agencies operate in the real world.

The Criminal Justice field can be extremely demanding and taxing at times.  To navigate the concourse on a daily basis, industry professionals must develop critical-thinking abilities along with serious research and organizational skills.

Up for the task?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to make the cut-why not contact Everest today and find out how pursuing a Criminal Justice Degree at Everest University-Online might be just the perfect education opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

*Law enforcement agencies may require additional training

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