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What to Do With Your Analog TV

Analog TVs Become Obsolete on June 12On June 12, at exactly 12:01 a.m., American television broadcasting goes 100% digital. At that moment, any TV set still receiving traditional analog signals will go dark.

If you have an analog TV that’s hooked up to a satellite or cable TV system, you have nothing to worry about. You will continue to receive pictures and sound just as you always have. Likewise, if you have purchased and hooked your older set up to a digital converter box, you’re fine. The digital signals will be converted into analog signals your older set can understand.

However, if you, like millions of Americans, are planning to abandon your old analog TV in favor of a digital one, you face the question of what to do with your old set.

TVs Banned from Landfills

In most parts of the United States and Canada, you can’t just throw your old TV away. Televisions (and other electronics) contain lead and other toxic chemicals that are banned from most area landfills. As a result, many communities require people to take unwanted TVs and other electronic products like computers, radios, monitors and telephones to local Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) facilities for disposal. (Use your preferred search engine to do an online search for the HHW facility closest to you.)

Recycle Your Old Television

You can also recycle your old televisions. Although you may have seen news reports about old TVs being “dumped” in China, India and Third World countries where they pose serious health hazards to local populations, there are many reputable waste companies in the U.S. that can safely and responsibly recycle 100% of a TV’s components, including its hard plastic shell and CRT glass.

For a list of certified electronics recycling companies and how to contact them, visit your TV manufacturer’s website. Most have information and links to companies who can safely recycle your old set—and let you enjoy a clear conscience.

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