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The Latest Glimpse at the Digital Future

glowingkeyboard.JPGThe Center for the Digital future at the University of Southern California’s (USC) Annenberg School for Communication has just issued its eighth annual survey of Internet users. The survey shows a continuing trend toward increased Web usage, especially in terms of where people choose to get their news.

The survey is particularly interesting as 2009 marks 15 years since the World Wide Web opened up to the general public.

Here are some numbers from the Digital Future survey, as well as trend lines:

  • Americans who now use the Internet regularly: 80% (↑)
  • Number of hours Internet users now spend on line each week: 17 (↑)
  • American households with three or more computers: 24% (↑)
  • American households with no computer: 15% (↓)
  • Internet users with Broadband access: 80% (↑)
  • Internet users with dial-up access only: 16% (↓)
  • Internet users who buy products online: 65% (↑)
  • Internet users concerned about credit card security: 93% (↔)
  • Internet users who regularly use email: 97% (↑)
  • Internet users who believe the Web is very important to maintaining social relationships: 52% (↑)
  • Time Internet users spend reading online newspapers every week: 53 minutes (↑)

“We’re clearly now seeing a path to the end of the printed daily newspapers – a trend that is escalating much faster than we had anticipated,” said Center director Jeffrey Cole. “Thirty years ago, teenagers began to read newspapers as they reached their adult years. Today, teenagers don’t read printed newspapers, and research indicates they never will. Yet, we’ve found that teens are more interested in news than any generation we’ve seen in a long time, only now online sites are their news sources.”

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