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How to Develop a Killer Online Resume – 5 Practical Tips

As you know, many employers search for resumes online — so it’s essential that you optimize your resume for online job databases.

Here are some tips for developing a killer e-resume:

1. Highlight your accomplishments

Never forget that your resume is the first impression a prospective employee has of you. Grab the readers attention by focusing on the skills and talents you possess — and use keywords that relate to the type of position you want.

2. Use industry keyword

Make sure you sprinkle industry keywords throughout your resume. This gives your resume a better chance of getting picked by resume search engines.
3. Spell words correctly

A poorly written resume with misspelled words will never reach an employer’s desk. Take the time to have someone you trust edit your work.

4. Maximize your exposure

You can increase your exposure by posting to more than one site. You can use job boards, social networking sites, forums, employer websites, and local community sites (e.g.

5. Enter all your contact information

Make sure that you list your cell phone number and email address on your resume. And make sure the email address you list is an email account you check regularly.

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