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How to Save Gas – 5 Practical Ways

Many students are choosing to earn their degrees online because it will save them time and money — especially the cost of gas.

If you’re driving to class this semester, here are some tips to help you save money on the road:

1. Roll your windows up when you’re out on the freeway. You won’t get too much wind resistance in town, but if you windows are down on the open road, it can reduce your gas mileage.

2. Use your air conditioner less. If you’re in hot climates during the summer months, the use of your air conditioner might be justified. If you’re operating in a cold climate, your windows will obviously be rolled up.

3. Check your tire pressure. Properly inflated tires will enhance your car’s performance. Make it a point to check your tire pressure periodically.

4. Keep your car tuned up. Change the spark plugs, the oil and air filters, and adjust your car’s timing to keep it fuel efficient.

5. Drive the speed limit in the city and on the freeway. Don’t accelerate suddenly. Using your accelerator peddle properly can save you a lot of gas.

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