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International Student Admissions – How to Apply

At Everest College , we want to see you succeed.

That’s why we try to eliminate any obstacles that could stand in the way of your education.

Thus, our admissions process is quick and easy, and our requirements are simple:

Associate’s or Bachelor’s Admission Requirements

  • Transcripts from an accredited institution that show you’ve earned a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Successful completion of a telephone interview with an International Admissions Representative.
  • Proof of English proficiency. If your first language is not English, a TOEFL or completion of English as a Second Language program may satisfy the English proficiency requirements. If you attended a school where all courses were instructed in the English language, you may be able to waive the TOEFL requirement.
  • To be considered a full-time student, you must take 12 credits per quarter (approximately 3 classes).
  • Most Associate’s Degree programs take about 24 months to complete, if you take 3 classes at a time.
  • Most Bachelor’s Degree programs take twice as long to complete as an Associate’s program, depending on your course load.

Transferring Your Credits

Your previous education at eligible higher-learning institutions can count for credit at Everest , no matter how much time has passed since you earned those credits.

Your prior credits must be compatible with the degree program you’re pursuing at Everest College. And no more than 24 credit hours may be accepted in transfer, and certain programs may have additional restrictions.

Transferring Credits
Transferring your prior learning credits to Everest College happens in three easy steps:

  • Simply contact each prior college or university you attended and request that an official transcript–reflecting course credits earned–be sent directly to the Everest College registrar. (Your transcripts must be translated into English.)
  • Our registrar will review your transcripts for potential transfer credits and enter the information into the internal student database.
  • Our registrar will then notify your Student Services Coordinator about the credits that will transfer and note the results on your program audit sheet. Your Student Services Coordinator will contact you with the total number of credits you were able to transfer.
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