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How to Improve Your Concentration (When You Don’t Feel Like Studying)

If you ever have trouble focusing on your homework, you probably just need a little help with your concentration.

Here are some concentration strategies:

Keep a “to-do” list.
Whenever you start to get distracted by a thought, write it down. Keep a list of everything that distracts you – like chores, other homework, various tasks, and anything else you need to do. This list will help your mind know that you’re tracking all your responsibilities.

Take notes while reading.
If you find yourself constantly distracted while reading your textbook, start taking notes on what you are reading. Summarize everything as you read, so that you are thinking about what you are reading about.

Ask questions.
As you study, ask yourself questions about what you’re reading. Focus on the material you need to learn and constantly ask questions to help you think more clearly about the subject.

Create study habits.
Try and study in the same place and at the same time if possible. It’s easier for your mind to focus if you’re study sessions are happening on a regular basis at the same location. If you’re constantly studying at odd hours – and in different environments – it’s harder for your mind to focus.

Set time limits when you study.
When you don’t set time limits, it’s easier to get distracted. You see, if you give yourself a “whole night” to study, then you can end up talking on the phone or surfing the web. However, if you plan on studying only between a given time period, you force yourself to get more focused — and that will help you accomplish your homework assignments more efficiently.

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